Man can’t run out of elbow escapes!

Tonight was a glorious night! Still buzzing from the knowledge gained from the class earlier this week, we made waves into different escapes from the bottom of the mount.
Again the customary break down from the professor explaining about the culmination of last weeks lessons, which has proceeded into this week to teach us intermediate level knowledge around the elbow escapes. Conscious of the amount of information that has gone on before and to the present day, the warm-up was different… instead we used the basic elbow escape as our warm-up making sure that people who weren’t around for the last batch of lessons were nicely paired with someone who was.
We started with the basic elbow escape, then moved on to different variations taught on Monday’s lesson.
With everyone sufficiently warmed up, the first escape involved a hip thrust combined with a hip escape to create space, this moved into a leg trap which gives the person on the bottom the opportunity to execute a heel hook.
Professor with the assistance of one of his black belts released a video on this move which can be found here.
Me personally am not very confident with heel hooks, but the whole process looked very, very tidy.
After going over the procedure and with the EKBJJ brother and sister hood asking different questions and getting detailed answers and explanations. We moved on to the next concept, which had me locked in immediately! Professor explained that this technique is more suited for coloured belts and can be attempted by white belts if they so wished. He emphasised the importance of the other techniques which all white belts should focus on.
This manoeuvre is considered a last gasp escape particularly suited for situations where the top person has managed to advance their position on you so they have their knees deep into your armpits whilst mounting you. One of my personal hated positions. This technique requires a reasonable amount of dexterity, but I don’t consider myself to be blessed with such flexibility and I found myself comfortably doing this move. The move itself is a means to shifting the top person’s position forward whilst you go the opposite way.
In addition there was a second variant to this which involved working the hips to roll them over.
After performing that technique a few times it became apparent for me how much I might end up using this. But hopefully I won’t need it too often.
As the class came to an end, no-one wanted to leave, it was also announced that we would be having a special guest in May…
My thoughts… Professor left me with some valuable knowledge which is steadily helping my overall jui-jitsu understanding, in the back of my mind i am thinking i need more mat time and there simply isn’t enough hours in the day…
Until next time… “tapping out!”

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