Noughts and cross bodies!

Tonight marked the start of a new topic in the syllabus, positional control in the side/cross body.
Professor mentioned the forth coming seminar on the 28th May with the special guest Royler Gracie being present; also explained the format for the evening and then swiftly put us through the rudimentary warm up.
Tonight we had hip escapes, backward rolls, cart wheels and lizard crawls forwards and backwards! To top of the exercises, Professor told us to pair up and do some very light sparring. This lasted for approximately three rounds and at the end it was safe to say that everyone was sufficiently warmed up.
Professor then explained the basic concepts around the purpose of wanting to have cross/side control on an opponent, he then invited people (me included) up to give our own interpretation of what side/cross positional control was. After he explained the basics of what we are hoping to achieve with this position and explained where to position arms, hips and legs to make sure the basic position was good enough to prevent roll attempts in either direction.
After this was drilled a few times, we then moved onto what to do if the person on the bottom tries to get to the ‘turtle’ position and how we can keep the ‘connection’ with a view of dictating the next position. Again the key detail was in the connections with the person on the bottom. At this point into the lesson one of the more famous members of the EKBJJ brotherhood walked in and due to their ‘dimensions’ provided a decent question for what to do with opponents of their type. Professor explained the mechanics and also demonstrated. In the end the most sensible approach was to move to the position on them which allows you to stand up before they do so that when they do decide to get up you’re ready for an attack on them!
We practised this a few times, before wrapping up for the evening and breaking into some sparring.
My thoughts, a good start to the concepts of the cross body position and i believe it complemented well with the mount position techniques that we learnt months backs. Professor made mention to going into potential escapes on Wednesday, so for me it’s a session that i cannot miss!
Until the next time.. “Tapping out!”

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