More positions, No problems!

Once again i was able to attend an afternoon session at the academy, where the atmosphere was relaxed and some of the students were talking about the up and coming Royce Gracie vs Ken Shamrock 3 fight. Professor had designs on summarising the week.
On this occasion, one of the Professor’s long serving black belt coaches took the reigns for the warm-up, which i unfortunately sat out due to a hyper extension on my toes that happened during sparring on the Wednesday night class. Believe it or not I was still limping.
My wife accompanied me on this occasion, so with reference to all the positions we went through this week, the recap was beneficial for her as well as me to test my understanding and memory.
We went through all the previous lessons with additional details thrown in. Interestingly enough, my wife did ask the professor some questions on defending themselves if they were ever attacked and they aren’t exactly dressed for it? Professor proceeded to tell her in situations like that then doing what ever was necessary to engage their legs as part of doing basic positions like the guard she’ll have to do, so if it means raises the dress, it means raising the dress!
This lead to a brief discussion about control in the top position and being able to disengage when necessary and extra detail was given to members of the academy that work in law enforcement.
Continuation of drills followed and we got to the point where the professor had an extra technique to introduce, a submission; as per usual one of very many. This involved doing a variation on a ‘north/south choke’ with some different technical details which made it a very subtle but effective choke. Well my wife certainly enjoyed practising on me.
The lesson concluded with a small debate if we should move on with the syllabus or perhaps explore escapes of the positional control… I know what gets my vote!
“Tapping out!”

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