Cross body? what cross body?

We start the week with the professor explaining that we will be going through potential escapes for the cross body positions we learnt last week. Professor also explained that there will be a lot of details this week and effectively with the culmination of the positions plus the escapes will give us a better appreciation for the mechanics of the cross body positions.
The lesson was taken by one of the Professor’s brown belt’s who are on their way to achieving their black belt. We started with a warm-up which consisted of running, turning and dipping. We then did forward rolls, followed by shoulder rolls, then shoulder rolls over an obstacle. We then proceeded to do some drills which were aimed at getting us used to certain motions which are relevant to the escapes we were about to learn.
After we were sufficiently warmed up, we went through a brief philosophy of escapes. In general, having to initiate an escape generally means we’ve compromised ourselves or made a mistake. So not making a mistake was a consideration, but it’s always nice to have some options when things begin to go wrong.
We learnt a basic escape which is initiated early on in preventing someone from actually getting the cross body position on you.
This was practised against different body types to get an understanding of adjustments. We then moved on to advancing the position once the escape was initiated by manoeuvring them to be inside our guard.
After practising this advancement the final detail at the end was to attempt a submission, which came in the form of various arm locks. Which were practised with varying degrees of success.
All in all, it was a excellent lesson and packed with nice details provided by the brown belt and by the professor who over saw the lesson. Professor addressed us at the end and informed us of more body dynamics which opened our eyes to how truly scientific the art of jiu-jitsu really is. More details will be shared in the next lesson and i can hardly wait!
Until next time…
“Tapping out!”

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