More cross escapes!    

Tonight was a good night, thoroughly enjoyed for a few reasons.
i) Expanded on from Monday’s lesson on escapes from the cross body position
ii) Lots of wisdom passed on from the Professor to students, in relation to aspects of life outside of jiu-jitsu
We started of with the normal address from the professor on tonight’s activities on the mat, plus the professor also gave us his opinion on the recent Facebook posts about the Royce Vs Shamrock III fight, groin strikes did it happen or not? Rener Gracie’s ‘Gracie Breakdown’, etc, etc… All interesting stuff which nicely set the tone for the evening. We then went into the warm-up which consisted of the following:
Self-defence drills.
i) Pisao kick to the knee, when attacker is attempting to strike
ii) Low kick to the leg
iii) Double grab (On lapels) from the front Defence
iv) ‘Safe hands drill’ – Lots of fun
We then explored the position of being at the bottom of tight side mount control. The details were very intricate and required good use of the head, arms and legs to work as one, to advance the position. Leverage was key, maximising the area of the body that the top person couldn’t control.
We drilled this a few times, with various degrees of success and plenty of questions with respect to different body types.
We continued to practice and moved onto advancing the positions so that we can end up with the top person inside the guard.
We practiced this a lot and again had different demonstrations of what could end up happening if things don’t go according to plan, but that was the ‘teaser’ for the Friday lesson.
In close, the professor lectured us on basics and fundamentals and how important it is to get right as these details will serve us well on the jiu-jitsu journey and then proceeded to challenge us to ‘spar’ or to ‘drill’ considering that most of us were getting some of the details slightly off.
“Tapping out!”

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