The great escapes!

Tonight drew a close to the proceedings of escaping the control from cross body/side control. The Academy was is high spirits with the up and coming UFC event this weekend.
The Professor addressed the class on the nights agenda and we swiftly went into the warm up which consisted of self defence moves:
I) neck grab defence 1
2) neck grab defence 2
3) surprise haymaker/punch, inclusive of an initial push into the chest area first.
We ended the warm up with the “safe hands” exercise, which again is to teach us where we can put our arms and almost try to keep them safe.
We recapped the positions of the week and did light drills on those, then moving on to the additions for the lesson, first one being a technique to allow yourself to roll the top person so they are mounted or roll to get into cross body on them. We did this a few times went through the normal questions and then progressed.
The next position involved quite a few adjustments, especially when they have tight control. It involved positioning yourself, mainly your head, underneath them more so you could setup an armpit arm-lock. This required quite a few demonstrations and I only saw the arm-lock after the 2nd or 3rd demonstration. This one was practiced several times and personally it clicked after my training partner on the night gave me some excellent feedback.
Finally the last move of the evening was to counter them placing one knee on you with the intentions of gaining full mount. This is involved an element of head control and manipulation of the top person’s momentum. However, the real prize on this move was the potential ankle-lock at the end. Needless to say this was demonstrated a few times and practiced with extreme caution. The other black belt there on the evening was very detailed in explaining its application.
The details exchanged over the last two weeks plus the previous two weeks, for me, was probably the most valuable in terms of defence from being at the bottom. The white belt journey continues…
“Tapping out!”

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