There’s no such thing as a knife attack!

The title appears misleading? But when you think about it, it’s true, you don’t get attacked with a knife you get AMBUSHED! Many wise words breathed tonight by the professor as he shaped up to round off the week.
He addressed the class as always explaining the format for the lesson which included more references to scenarios involving edged weapons, so not so much about knives but about anything that can cut, example razor blades taped between fingers, box cutters, etc.
Then more details on the clinch and how to engage and fend off.
At this point it’s important to say this.
We started the night, as a warm-up, some light rolling switching partners as we progessed to get accustomed to different body types, pressure, strength, etc.
We then went through different points to be aware of when dealing with someone with il intentions.
1) Can you see their hands? If not, assume weapon
2) Check what they are also doing with hands/arms? They maybe trying to protect the side with the weapon, a dead give away.
3) Check for bulges in pockets which could also indicate concealed weapons.
4) Check stance?, depending on which foot is back depicts their main striking hand/side.
5) Distance management, if there’s the suspicion that they are armed a minimum distance of 10-12 ft away. Note:
This isn’t a hard and fast rule, as ideally you want to be as far away as possible!
6) Are they alone? Try to be vigilant for accomplices.
We went through all the items that were covered in previous lessons, putting in extra details where necessary for certain positions.
An additional detail was added to the drilling involving someone performing a close quarters lunge at you, an attempt to grab you with both arms.
The following is for people who are right handed, i.e dominant striking hand.
They lunge!, you place left hand on their left shoulder, forearm against neck,this is the frame, using left elbow to push into their neck, then fire of three punches. (One low, one high, one low) then break away. When framing, sending hips backwards keeps the body out of reach, plus the punches need to be quick.
If they appear to be reaching for a weapon? disengage without pushing them, essentially step away.
The important part of this technique is to be aware of what they are doing with their hands.
We closed with discussions on groups, intimidation tactics in particular on women, concept of pre-emptive strikes via verbal triggers and we had a recount of one of the academy member’s experience when he was 14 and getting mugged for his phone.
My thoughts, a very insightful week and i don’t look at people the same way anymore. We do live in a very violent world but for me avoiding confrontation has been a life long objective, mainly because i didn’t have the necessary understanding or knowledge of such violent situations to be able to protect myself or loved ones. My objective is still the same but my understanding and knowledge of violent confrontations is now increasing.
“Tapping out!”

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