It could save your life…

New week, same story… self – defense in particular clinches and bladed weapons…
As i reflect on last night’s lesson, i’m interrupted by a headline on Good morning Britain

“Why is it so easy for kids to buy knives?”

Professor addressed the class and explained what we would be doing this week, in terms of knife defense and generally continuing the work started last week. Discussions we had about certain videos uploaded and explanations as to how such things were possible, human reaction, etc. It was said that if you had an option to go up against a gun or knife? the option preferred was a gun? Why? i’ll divulge at the end of this blog entry.

We started the warm-up with running, side-stepping, running backwards, raised knees and raising heels up to the backside.

We then did pummel – re-pummel drills, an extra dimension was added to this, if a person gains double under-hooks ( both of their arms under your arms) then we were shown  techniques to defend/escape this position. It was also mentioned that this particular technique was used to excellent effect by Rickson Gracie.

We then went through potential ambushes with knives, (No longer will i use the term ‘knife attack’ it’s KNIFE AMBUSH!) and what to potentially look for before and do before things turn really ugly…

1) Visibility of attackers hands
2) Distance management between yourself and attacker
3) Awareness of surroundings, are they alone? Do you have limited escape options?
4) Having hands up to improve initial defense options

We then went through drills from last week as a needed refresher, adding in details with reference to which side to move to if someone tries to stab you in the stomach. Not to move in straight lines, always circle. High attacks keep you arm out stretched to also ensure protection of the neck area.

Professor added another potential defense/counter to a stab to the stomach by doing the following:

If the attacker is right handed, stop thrust at the elbow crease and just above the wrist, top hand being the left hand. Make sure to arch body to avoid knife blade, when placing hands make sure to lean slightly to the right as to get the palms of hands on to the
attackers arms. Keeping your own arms straight, keep a tight grip on wrist and change your top hand position to double up on wrist. Keeping arms straight bring the attackers arm to the side whilst twisting at the wrist and stepping through. When done, you should be behind attacker.

This was practiced a few times on both arms; being on the receiving end was rather painful.

We spoke a little more on knife philosophy and different ways attackers will try to control you prior to attempting the ambush. This is when the
professor introduced us to one potential counter, to buy you enough time if an attacker grabs you on the collar/shoulder with their arm pushed against
your neck…

Assuming they are going to ambush you with the knife in their right hand, place left hand into the arm pit of the attackers firmly, this will potentially save you from the first ambush, at this point retaliate with your own punches (3 if possible) then disengage after the strike. The idea is to stop the first attack and hit them to discourage a follow-up attack and effectively let go.

Ideally you don’t want to be in this position for long and the objective is gaining distance. We practiced this but found this defense tricky.

We spoke about other grabbed positions, which will be explored in more detail as the week progresses. We also spoke more about the philosophy of aggressive
people and changing from a self-defense position to an offensive one with subtle movements via hands and stance shifts.

Professor said at the beginning of the lesson, that he’d rather go up against a gun than a knife, for the fact that guns will run out of ammunition. Knives
potentially don’t and a knife in the hands of a committed, ruthless individual can cause ridiculous levels of damage as the video the professor uploaded demonstrated.

My thoughts, this was an informative addition on last weeks information, still a lot of this needs to be drilled and preferably with training knives! which all
appear to be missing… Now i think more actively about edged weapons and how i would stop the attack.

“Tapping out”


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