Practice, Practice and Practice some more!

As luck would have it, i was able to make the Friday afternoon session at the academy. Even though the professor wasn’t there one of his black belts, referred to as Coach, took the class. A stickler for details especially when it’s self defence.
Very much like the professor, coach addressed the class explaining that the format for the lesson was to go over the details already taught by the professor this week. So, of course, knife defence was on the agenda as well as the clinching and awareness.
We went straight into things with coach’s take on distance management and quickly got us doing drills geared around making sure we attempt the clinch at the right time. Details were made not to try and attempt the clinch when a punch has already been thrown
but to commit before, making sure on connection we are connected at the hip and placing head just under the chin making sure we protect ourselves from any strikes.
We also did drills when the attacker begins to reach, that we back off from them by making sure hands are up and we step away from them. Key detail was to make sure when moving backwards we move the back leg before moving the front leg. Failure to do this will leave us vulnerable to being taken down. This was drilled to good success.
Leading on nicely from this was the basic knife defence from an attacker attempting a stab to the stomach. This was achieved by using both hands to block down on the arm with the knife, making sure to move body away and stepping backwards afterwards to keep the distance. This again was drilled to good success.
Leading on from this was practice of the basic knife counter which leads to the attacker being put in a nasty arm-lock. With this detail, it was noted that we were ending up too much behind the attacker, where we needed to be more at the side. This adjustment meant we were able to do the behind the knee push and keep better control of the attacker by having a hold of their opposite shoulder, whilst pressed into the locked arm. This, for me at least, made me feel more confident with the counter. We drilled this several times noticing gradual improvements.
Lastly we finished on the knife defence when grabbed from the front on the shoulder with their arm going against the neck. Since we had replica training knives it was evident to see that with a 6” knife in my hand my reach was quite considerable! I raised this potential problem with coach who demonstrated the point of the initial defence. Then it all became extremely clear! We drilled this and slight adjustments were needed for certain people, but initially the reflex defence for such an attack is paramount to gaining success with this technique.
We came to close on that last detail and in preparation for people’s up and coming graduations, coach did a ‘circle’ and put people through their paces by making the more experienced members go through self-defence techniques on their least favoured side.
My thoughts, an excellent end to the series on clinches, knife defence and distance management, unfortunately i wasn’t able to make the evening class due to personal commitments but either way I felt privileged to be able to get extra details from another black belt to help improve the technique i’ve been learning these part few weeks.
“Tapping out!”

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