Lock, stock and a smoking baton!

Due to heavy work commitments i neglected to write up Wednesday’s account of the lesson at the academy, so I’ll be summarising two nights in one.

Just as normal, we were addressed by the professor on the tone for the week with reference to self defence of batons and also if you ever get caught and end up in a headlock. We had some background philosophy on the regularity of headlocks in street fights and different ways people can try and put these on you.

With the warm-ups on Wednesday, we did running, side-stepping, running backwards and hip escapes. We finished off with a drill to simply try and escape someone’s guard and enter into cross body position or full mount. Tonight we did simple rolling to gently warm up the body.

We then went in and revised the moves from Monday’s lesson and on Wednesday; we had expanded on certain moves when defending over head attacks with the baton. This ultimately lead to the a throw over your head so that the attacker with the baton ends up landing on their head. This is performed if the person with the baton ends up behind you.

Moving on from that position tonight we also looked at another similar throw, which had a different element to it but achieved the same thing. When performing the throw, your hips need to be lower than your opponents. With the added details tonight this throw was performed more by aligning your backside with their thigh and simply walking backwards, whilst bending over to achieve the throw.

After drilling a few times, we then progressed to doing headlocks counters. We again revised Monday’s lesson and the added details taken from Wednesday lesson, which consisted of performing a frame on the person still trying to keep a tight headlock on you. The purpose of the frame is to eventually persuade them, via pain and discomfort, to let go of your head so you can perform an arm-lock. This was drilled with differing levels of success. The professor also showed us an alternative counter if we couldn’t frame. This consisted of going to your knees and putting them on their back.

We drilled this for a reasonable length of time before moving on.

All the extra details added into tonight’s lesson consisted of additional arm-locks, some arm-lock escape counters and a very sneaky triangle setup. One of the arm-lock escape counters involved a method of breaking the ‘gable grip’ which is common for arm-lock defending. The method involved doing an americana type lock on the ‘gable gripped’ arm.

After going through the other details, my mind was literally spinning at the level of detail being shown. The lesson concluded with a final address from the professor to make sure we respect the person we’re sparring with.

My thoughts, the lessons this week have been up to the expected standard and the knowledge transfer is truly amazing. Baton defence will beautifully complement the knife lessons. The only downside probably to the week is that, for me, a lot of the extra details on the mat, will require a lot of adjustment for me to make sure i can be effective. All work in progress…

“Tapping out X2”



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