The mysteries of head locking…

Wrapping up an educational week on head lock counters, the professor addressed the academy congregation present on the importance of sensible sparring, then went into details of tonight’s lesson.
We started off with very light ‘rolling’ to get ourselves warmed up and again advised not to over exert as we are doing this to just warm-up; switching partners as we go.
We then recapped head lock escapes from earlier in the week, emphasising the points when brought to the ground of making sure to be on your side and to defend yourself against punches and head butts.
Professor then went over some added details from the stand up position, this included two additional escapes. The first being if you’re head locked and are still standing but the person head locking you is either attempting to just squeeze or attempt to punch with the other hand. In such a situation it’s important to keep your head turned towards the head lockers body, having one hand on the choking arm and the other braced against the head locker’s free arm. This gives sufficient protection for the moment, to escape the situation requires use of leverage by placing a leg, the one opposite the side your head is trapped, underneath the head locker then performing a squat action whilst straightening from the waist to get up right again. From here an arm lock submission is possible.
Another variation to this is to potentially move the other foot to the side and then straighten which did make executing this counter easier.
We practiced this a while, using varying degrees of resistance to test the technique. The other technique involved taking a person down to the floor. This is achieved by keeping a hand on the free arm or hip of the head locker, placing your hand just above the arch behind the knee, palm up with the fingers and thumb separated making an “L” shape, simultaneously pushing the back of the leg, pulling with the other hand and sliding your leg through the head locker’s legs to bring them down and positioning yourself in a modified mount with them possibly still head locking you. From here the previous drills gave us enough to turn this position into a submission.
We practiced this a few times, the professor stopped us a few times to remind us of safety aspects when doing this manoeuvre, namely to make sure not to land on our own elbow when performing the takedown for reasons that we are on mats and if we ever
had to do this in the ‘streets’ would be landing on concrete! We practiced some more and then brought a close to the lesson.
My thoughts, important details… I think back to some of my ‘skirmishes’ in the earlier part of my life and the headlock plus strikes to the head was such a common attack and probably still is. Plenty more for me to practice…
“Tapping out!”

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