Man can’t runout of pressure or combinations

To build on what was learnt on Monday, the Professor had more details to explain to us. Professor also announced that his academy was expanding, resulting in more space! This is very welcome news as the existing area, although an excellent size, is of late getting really busy! Which is a good thing and makes sparring at the academy very educational due to the vast selection of diverse body types and skill levels.
This evening we started work by doing single leg take downs, setup from throwing a jab. The details were to make sure we weren’t bent over whilst attempting and also to enter in like we are doing a double leg takedown but transition to a single leg takedown. From there, we would split the legs, step the knee through making sure to keep a connection with their hip  and then obtaining the cross body position.
This was practiced very well with little confusion on positioning. Professor then demonstrated obtaining the mount from one of the four demonstrated last week. From here, Professor demonstrated the positioning required to straight arm-lock the person’s arm on the ground, this is the same arm that was controlled from first getting into the cross body position.
We practiced this, with only minor slip ups on positioning the arm for submission. Professor then added another dimension, what if they are really strong and are struggling to get free? The answer generally depends on what position they are able to put their arm in which depicts the next best submission, this was demonstrated by the person on the bottom bending their arm. Professor then adjusted his grips and placed the person in a position to be subjected to a Kimora arm-lock! a very, very nice transition move.
We practiced this a few times, inclusive of the takedown and straight arm-lock with mixed success. My main problem was leaving too much space when isolating the arm, which allowed the person on the bottom to defend the position too easily.
Professor then added yet another detail which meant switching positions to one that setup the Omaplata arm-lock and to finish off the combination, a calculating move to put the person on the bottom in a standard arm-lock. The last two submissions were, for me, the more complicated ones as there are several details that needed to be followed to at least ensure understanding.
We practised this and changed partners as we went along, which made the drilling very varied and educational. Some people performed this very quickly and some performed things very meticulously. This brought the evening to a close.
Professor informed us that he wants to enforce these intricacies to make sure we understand how they work. Plus he’ll be going over connections and more finer details in the friday lesson, whilst adding more wisdom to the techniques shown so far this week.
My thoughts, very, very intense technical jiu-jitsu evening, all with a common theme on connections. I still leave too much room when performing particular moves, which tells me that I haven’t been performing then enough in my sparring!
“Tapping out!”

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