Crank it up!

Today we continued the additional details of head lock escapes with added technical adjustments for different submissions.
Professor addressed the class and warned us of two potential moves he was going to teach us to be quite nasty and when drilling these moves to be very gradual with any pressure. Then he said he doesn’t want anyone using these moves in sparring, purely for reasons of safety. Professor was very adamant on this and as always is concerned for everyone’s well being.
We moved into doing a warm-up which was more stretch orientated today, mainly around the shoulders, neck and spine. We then quickly recapped elements of monday’s lesson.
Extra detail added today was centred around a crank which affected the arm, neck and shoulder. IMG_0132
Important details he explained was to make sure to compress arms and then gently push into them whilst cranking the head and neck up. The professor explained what was happening to the vertebrae in the spine with this technique and again warned us to apply this very gently. We practised this a few times, with some minor adjustments being told to us from the observations the professor was making.
We then moved on and talked about a potential escape from this position.
Details here involved changing the angle with the hand, straightening the arms and creating a frame to prevent the crank to the head.
These details prevent the technique from being done, then once the attempts stop it is then the ideal opportunity to perform the rest of the escape.
By doing a big hip bump and rotating on to the shoulder you can effectively move the person on top into the position you occupied previous.
We again practiced this, slowly becoming more proficient on continued repetitions. Professor did however, note a detail with reference to making sure we move the arms and hips together when executing the escape.
The last technique shown for the evening is a counter to the counter. In more straight forward terms, if the top person stops you from rolling them over, you can do a further escape which leads back to the original head lock escapes done previously.
Professor explained all the techniques demonstrated again to us on the mat this evening, he also progressed on to a more general speech with reference to be respectful to each other, practising responsibly on the mats to make sure everyone benefits. The speech was very well received and in conclusion the professor was very grateful to all people attending and urged everyone to study and practice to get to the next level.
My thoughts, the professor is a gracious human being who has high expectations for us all. He has a simple way of getting his point across which makes learning from him a pleasure. Details tonight involved a fair amount of technical understanding but as always he makes it look very, very easy.
“Tapping out”

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