The great headlock escapes cont.

A new week and a trip back to head lock counters as displayed in the academy curriculum.
Professor addressed the class with the outline of areas we will be covering this week which will ‘dove tail’ nicely from the details learnt last week.

We proceeded to do the standard warm-up which concluded with a gentle ‘roll’ to get all limbs nicely attuned for the coming lesson.

First detail we went through involved the first head lock escape from the ground which ends up with the ‘headlocker’ in a ‘head scissors’ we learnt.



The extra details given to us, were ‘what if’ scenarios if we weren’t able to secure the ‘head scissors’ position. The first option was to go through a series of steps that eventually put us in a position to choke them. Getting there required isolating the closest arm, controlling their other arm, maneuvering into a position to obtain the choke then apply.


Lots of technical details, each making a lot of sense and not too difficult to perform. After practicing this we then did the ‘no-gi’ variation, which had a small difference with respect to not grabbing clothing but getting better connections with limbs. The end result was a choke which was potentially more lethal than the first.


We then explored a scenario if they were able to get the arm closest to you free, this next part was clever and nasty all at the same time. In the event this happens, shifting your body position so that your in the cross body position over them with both of your arms
under theirs. On the side your pressuring from it’s required to move your leg so that it is underneath their arm and straightened out in front of you. Then the arm that’s exposed needs to be extended so that a straight armlock can be applied, the natural defense for
this position is to bend the arm, at that point the leg that’s extend can fold back in and trap the arm whilst it’s bent. Then to secure the position the other leg comes across and prevents the arm from getting out. The position is actually an ‘Americana’ applied with the legs instead of the arms.


Professor demonstrated different ways of applying the pressure and it didn’t take much for people to tap. We practiced this and i shortly realised that with my own dynamics, it doesn’t take much to apply pressure and being on the receiving end, this position is very nasty.

This concluded the lesson for the evening.

My thoughts, Professor says this is relatively straight forward, I thought it was complex until I tried it…
The understanding needed of the body to piece this information together not to mention understanding yourself; the previously taught information still fresh in my mind, overwhelming? enlightening? confusing? but very, very enjoyable! I can’t wait for the next lesson!

“Tapping Out”


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