Chronicles of the arm collector, vol1

This week’s tutelage focused on securing the arm bar/lock from the guard… Hold on didn’t we do this already? Yes we did some months back. However, the professor had other ideas on executing the arm lock from the guard as so to get there more efficiently!
We started with the usual warm-up to get us ready for the lesson ahead, incorporating hip escapes, backward rolls over the shoulders.
The Professor then explained the steps to doing the regular arm bar/lock from the guard, trap the arm, foot on hip, leg heavy on the back, knee on the other leg tight on the body to prevent arm from being pulled then lastly pushing head back to bring the leg up and around to bite over the ear and raising hips to execute the final part of the move. Sounds like a lot of steps and with my previous attempts in sparring was never straight forward to pull off.
Here’s the thing, the professor then explained a slight variation on doing this but executing this with one move!
If the person is in your guard, then the whole move is reliant on a number of factors.
1) Initial assumption that the person knows no Jiu-jitsu
2) Keep everything tight, namely connections
3) Use of core muscles and hips
The difference with this variation is that once you’ve locked in the arm you move the legs and twist up simultaneously.
This was practiced for the majority of the evening but we did break momentarily at different intervals to get extra detail about different parts of the move, with respect to turning and connections. The final detail was on the validity of crossing the legs. Professor explained that it is perfectly valid as long as the leg that’s anchored on the head is at the bottom and the other leg crosses over the top.
This concluded the lesson. The professor then reiterated the need to actually try these moves in sparring and not always to run back to default positions. He then eluded to other details which will be covered in later lessons this week.
My thoughts, I was exceptionally glad for this variation as I wasn’t a big fan of the other technique. I think primarily this is due to my dimensions as sometimes moving long limbs is a bit of a chore in Jiu-jitsu. But i’m told repeatedly from my academy peers that once I have the limbs engaged properly it’s a distinct advantage. Either way I enjoyed the lesson, appreciated the details and look forward to the next lesson.
“Tapping out!”

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