Chronicles of the arm collector, vol2

Moving on beautifully from the first lesson of the week, we looked forward to added details to build on what was taught on Monday. Professor made it known that we would be reviewing the lesson from Monday and he was going to add in additional submissions.
As an added treat we were blessed to have one of the Professor’s black belts from the north academy.
We started off with a warm-up as normal, going through the normal routines. We then swiftly went into recapping the previous lesson and started drilling the arm bar/lock again.
Afterwards, Professor showed us an additional arm bar/lock on the other arm. This involved clamping the arm between the head and shoulder then feeling for the elbow to apply pressure.
After practising that a few times, Professor then explained other attacks that could be attempted on us whilst we have them in the guard. They were…
1) If punch attempt misses and the back of the head is grabbed with one arm.
2) Back of the head is pulled
Even though the dynamics were slightly different the end result was the same, an arm bar/lock. In fact, executing the move was slightly easier because with the 100% committal on the attacks effectively ‘gives the arm’ to us to make it easier to catch them in the move.
The only added detail which was divulged to us was on the double hand neck crank, we needed to stop this attack by placing both hands on to the chin. Once the threat had subsided, we can then go ahead to execute the arm bar/lock.
We practiced this diligently making sure to incorporate the proper technique on the arm bar/lock.
Finally on the evening, Professor showed us an additional detail if the person manages to get their arm out of danger. This wasn’t a problem as it provided an opportunity for them to give us an arm bar/lock on the other arm. The important detail here was to create a frame against them and wait for them to attempt a pass to give us the opportunity with the arm bar/lock.
After practising this a few times, the lesson came to an end. Professor again addressed the class on making sure to drill and practise to improve on the details introduced this week.
My thoughts, concepts are very simple and I tend to over think and over complicate things sometimes, I should do less thinking and more doing. As the ‘doing’ will give me insights into how people’s minds work and how they move which in turn will allow me to better execute these techniques.
“Tapping out”

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