Chronicles of the arm collector, vol3

We have arrived at the end of the week and the Professor had a massive treat in store for us. A lesson passed down from the great man himself, Helio Gracie. Professor described this particular technique he was going to teach us as the glue to all moves. When he first mentioned that, admittedly I wasn’t quite sure of what he meant. But I look down, see my white belt hanging from my waist and realise this is one of those moments not to think but to watch, learn and do!
We went into a warm-up which consisted of recapping the arm bar/lock position taught this week. Once we had done that enough, Professor explained situations that can occur when someone is in your guard and they seem to pass your guard with almost relative ease.
The technique about to be shown is ideal if the person in your guard has double hooks under both arms.
First part involves a head shove followed up by threading an arm inside to lock down one of their arms, having a tight hold on their gi, placing foot onto their hip and performing a hip escape to the side. This will straighten the arm that’s locked down. The other arm is then controlled by the free arm, now at this point moving the leg thats not on the hip to the back and applying pressure on top of your own arm will create a submission attempt on the person.
Lots of technical details on this move, but surprisingly a very simple manoeuvre to complete. The interesting part about this move is that it’s a gateway to other submissions or setups.
We continued to practice this move for the majority of the evening, until the Professor taught us another technique to counter someone’s guard pass attempt. This move involved good use of the legs, framing and manipulation of the arms to put yourself in a position to retake the guard position back.
With this move added to all the details this week meant for a very significant addition to the jiu-jitsu knowledge. Professor gave quite a significant speech on friday evening about the academy, training, getting the most out of the time on the mats and various other things including Royler Gracie’s pending visit next month. The whole week struck a cord with myself, am i actually progressing?, am i doing myself and/or the academy a disservice?
My thoughts, the details this week were awesome, feel very lucky to have close to the original source jiu-jitsu  being taught to me. However,  I feel i’ll need to have periodic spot checks with the Professor to see where  I am potentially going wrong.
“Tapping Out”

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