Chronicles of the arm collector, vol4

New week, same topic… almost… Professor intends to move into double ankle sweeps this week but decided to share additional details on the arm knowledge started from last week. Mainly to focus our attention to how many different scenarios that can bring arm bar/lock opportunities.
Without further ado, we dived straight into a warm up consisting of running, side stepping, backwards running. Then moving to hip escapes and backward rolls. Now we did some different stretches this evening which were new to me but effective. They required use of our belts, focusing on stretching our legs, shoulders, arms and also working core muscles.
Professor then did a quick recap of the last technique taught from Friday’s lesson, which we practiced briefly. He then demonstrated a scenario if the attacker attempts to stand up whilst in the guard, one leg at a time whilst attempting to put one or both hands on our throat. As Professor demonstrated this also gives us an arm bar/lock opportunity, difference being on the emphasis to twist onto our shoulder to secure hyper extension of the elbow joint.
We practiced this a few times, which was slightly tricky given the awkward position of the submission, which i knew was partly due to not doing it before. Added details were also explained about having a higher guard position on them to drive their weight forward making it harder for them to get up. We moved on to the next technique which involved rotating underneath them to off balance them and take them down to the floor. What isn’t nice for the person being swept is that both arms are caught up in the initial arm bar/lock which means it isn’t easy to break fall. I found this out the hard way and crash landed on my shoulder!
We practiced this a few more times, i needed to make a small adjustment as I was getting caught against the leg. This was remedied by pushing on the leg to assist off balancing the person in order to execute the sweep. The Professor went on to  show a further variation in the event that taking the leg wasn’t an option was to go for their hip and pull them down to the floor.
At this point, more explanations came from the Professor about the concepts and ‘fluidity’ of movement to catch someone in the arm bars/locks from different positions and to always be on the look out for them. Understanding positions being the key to knowing how to move next and also to counter certain positions.
Professor also showed us a more elaborate arm bar/lock manoeuvre involving getting someone lifted into the air and literally ‘dropped’ into an arm bar/lock.
He also quickly followed this up with it being not necessarily the best arm bar/lock technique to perform in a street fight. Either way we  attempted a few times, being sure to maintain control of the suspended person at all times.
This ended the lesson, Professor was conscious of the fact that a lot of details were shared this evening and made concerted efforts to answer all questions and encourage the asking of questions.
My thoughts, this was again, a valuable addition to last week’s lessons and also gave me more to think about when attempting submissions. However, after the lesson I drilled the different arm bar/lock’s from the closed guard to get more comfortable with attempting them as I find that i don’t do this often enough when sparring.
“Tapping Out!”

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