Doubling down

With a continuation of the week’s lessons the Professor, as promised, added details of the double leg ankle sweep to incorporate with the lessons on the arm lock/bar. This adds a key dynamic to the classes we’ve been having to give us options if we are ever caught being at the bottom of a street fight.
We went into the standard routines for the warm-up with the normal running, side stepping, hip escapes, shoulder rolls and finishing up on stretches that again required the use of the belt.
As normal, we went over the details of the previous lesson and drilled that a few times to refresh memories.
Now the Professor gave an example as to what could happen if we are pinned down and the person on top manages to get to a standing position, as this could happen, this negates the previous counters taught from the previous lesson. So in comes the use of the double ankle sweep.
With the hands around the person’s ankles and the legs condensed into the middle of the person ideally on their waist line, it’s a case of pulling with your hands and push with your legs to bring them down to the floor.
A very simple maneouvre to execute when timed correctly. We practiced this a few times, which also was a good opportunity for people being swept to practice their break fall.
The next detail was how to move once you’ve brought them down. This came down to connections, we would need to put pressure on one of the legs, hook the other leg and keeping low almost walk on your hands up to the top to obtain the mount position.
With this added detail more practice and drilling was necessary, with different questions being asked and dutifully answered by the Professor. One additional detail was mentioned about preventing people at the bottom from sweeping you by grabbing on to them,
the answer to that particular problem was explained and then demonstrated, the ending being pretty much the same, ending up in full mount.
That concluded the evening’s lesson, the Professor made it known that he would be unavailable for friday’s lesson as he was going to be out of the country however, one of his top coaches would be taking the lesson and will be providing information on what we worked on this evening and potentially talking about wrist locks!
My thoughts, this ‘martial science’ that the Professor refers to GJJ as, is exactly that a science and everything is very logical. Some of it feels odd, looks awkward but once you’ve gotten your head around it makes a lot of sense. It can have a very overwhelming affect on you when you realise the different things you’re able to do, to the point where you see people and start thinking about body shapes, strengths, weaknesses and this isn’t just limited to people you don’t know but also people you do know…
“Tapping out”

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