More injuries, no Gracie JiuJitsu

After a long lay off due to back injury I find myself in a situation where the annual academy gathering is upon us. This normally means people going for their belt graduations and also a lot of training with extra things being taught to us by special guest instructors.
All in all, it was a throughly enjoyable weekend and involved me doing 4 days straight of Jiu-Jitsu which isn’t a common thing for me to do, but I survived!
Over that period i was taught the following:
Guest instructor’s version of the omoplata
Guest instructor’s version of the following:
Rolling toe hold
Calf splitter
Knee bar
Breaking here slightly, it was good to work with the lower half of the body as a lot of attention tends to go into the top half, plus understanding how these footlocks work just aids the general knowledge about how someone may attempt to attack those areas.
Also taught over the weekend were some self-defence positions from being caught in a Muay thai clinch, there were 3 variations, first one being one that puts you into the clinch, second puts you behind the opponent and the last one involves sweeping them on to their back.
After practicing those, we then were taught some delicious gi chokes, in total roughly 5 variations, first one using your own gi, second variation uses their own gi. Variations 3 and 4 are linked to adjustments made by the opponent to negate the gi choke, but essentially you either end up underneath them performing the choke or you end up on your belly performing the choke. That last variation starts of being a gi choke, with their gi, attack but ends up being a modified Ezekiel choke!
It was a very technical weekend and some of the positions I saw again relied heavily on proper execution of the basics. As always taught, these are just a bunch of moves if you don’t have the appropriate mindset that belongs with it.
On that note i need to do some stretching!
Tapping out!

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